Hello and Big Changes

Duncan 1

First, let me start by introducing myself. I’m a Florida native, but have lived in many other states. My little family consists or me, my husband, my cat Duncan, and Zuzu our Schnoodle. From time to time we foster furry babies who need us. I love art, photography, and traveling. And I have a serious crush on my cat. My hubby and I recently sold our beach cottage to travel the US in our 42 foot fifth wheel that garages my recently acquired, vintage 1966 VW Bug. We are in the process of getting our Terrastar truck fitted with the necessary traveling and towing gear, and getting Luci (my Bug) street ready and safe to drive. I am super excited about the next leg of our journey in life and I am hoping to get good enough at this blog to bring you along with me.

Me and Nugget

While this blog will have lots of art related topics, it will also be about our life on the road and the adventures we find there. Because when it comes down to it, everything in life affects my art. Artistically, I have returned to painting on canvas after over a year away from the easel while we finished renovating and selling our beach cottage. That was a very long year and it is such a relief to be painting again. Painting, or creating, is like air to an artist. Without it we will cease to live. We might be breathing, but we are not really living. I’ve had several pet portraits come my way lately, and I’ll be continuing that subject with a portrait of our old man kitty, Orion, who passed away in December. We miss him terribly, and I think that a portrait of him will help our grieving process. If you would like to see the progress of this portrait, and more of my art, you can follow me on my art page on Facebook: Odessa Kelley Fine Art

Zuzu 1

The last couple of years have been an emotional rollercoaster full of stress. And as I count the days until we hit the road, I feel that stress melting away. Its funny how following your heart affects your entire body. For the last 16 years I have been over-tired and over-worked, like most Americans. (I cannot speak to other parts of the world.) I am looking forward to a life of joy and freedom! And I’ll be bringing you with me.

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