Preparing for a New Life

Apologies for the lateness of this blog post. I have been working on this post for 3 days now. Every time I get started, I have to go do something else. I’m sure you know the drill. Our lives are completely turned upside down right now, so until things get smoothed out and into a more regular “routine” (if there is such a thing when you are traveling full time), I won’t be blogging regularly either. I hope you’ll stick with me just a little bit longer because the real fun is not far off!

I’ve actually spent the last 2 days working on the RV, and now my muscles and back are not very happy. Lol! Downsizing from a 1000 square foot house to a 300 square foot RV ain’t easy, but we are slowly making it happen.

We brought Duncan and Zuzu with us yesterday. It was Duncan’s first visit to his new home on wheels. After checking every nook and cranny, I am happy to report that the RV is Duncan approved! We were all completely exhausted last night, and Duncan shared some extra snuggles last night. He’s a sweet boy. He knows when his Mom is not feeling well. 💙

Duncan 032416 1

Besides continuing to work through our storage unit, moving furniture, preparing for a garage sale, and getting ready to sell my car…I’ve also been working on getting my Gyotaku (fish rubbing) works photographed, catalogued, and I am building a Gyotaku website. I have all of my available works photographed, and the large pieces are posted on my Facebook art page. You can go here to see what I have catalogued so far:
Gyotaku Art Sale! The available pieces are being sold framed only because I do not want to store them and there is just too much work to bring with me in the RV. If you are interested in any of these pieces, please message me on Facebook, or send me an email at Please remember that shipping framed art can get expensive, especially the larger ones.

trigger tropical framed

The above painting is one of the Gyotaku I have for sale. Most of the pieces available are framed in these barnwood frames, but a few are in black frames. All of the Gyotaku are marked down between 25% to 50%! This is a once-in-a-lifetime sale. I don’t plan on changing my life so radically again any time soon. Haha!

The process of changing our life from “stix and bricks” to full time RV living has been utterly exhausting. It is a slow process, but we have made huge progress and we’re finally seeing some slivers of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Yay! Our truck now has a hitch installed to pull the 5th wheel camper, but we are shopping for the sleeper to add to it. These are a few photos I have been using for reference. They show the possibilities of a sleeper area pretty well.

Tugger sleeper photos

A sleeper is required for us, because Duncan and Zuzu need a place to ride. The truck is big, but the cab is not big enough for 2 carriers (even if they are collapsable) plus the two of them and their beds. As you can see in the photos, it also serves as a mini camper for day trips. This will be especially convenient for trips where the full rig will be too large. Once we have a sleeper, I’ll share photos of our own.

As we get closer to our launch date, I’ll be sharing more of what our finished rig looks like. We have the individual components, the fifth wheel camper, the truck, and my 1966 Vintage VW Bug. We just haven’t put them all together yet.

RV with car

New truck 010516 2

Bug Headlight

Today was the first time the truck was actually backed up to the RV. Hubby was trying out the new fifth wheel hitch for height and hooking up the lights. I would certainly rather us take our time and make sure everything is done correctly, than be out on the road and have a mishap because we rushed through it. While hubby was working on the truck, I was putting our things away and doing some nesting. As much as I love to nest, doing it in a small space has its challenges! Even though some of it is tedious work, it has been fun starting the nesting process! It makes it all seem real!

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