The Need To Breathe

I don’t know about you, but I find that there is nothing better to chase away stress than a walk in nature. Plus I always find lots of inspiration there. With the mountain of changes going on in our lives, we have felt the need for a walk in Mother Nature even more sharply than ever before. Today we decided to take a drive, and then a walk and it has definitely worked its magic! I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. We still have a ton of things to do, but taking a little time to just breathe was nothing short of necessary. Here’s a few things we saw on our walk.

Ducks 1 030516

The Lesser Scaups and Redback ducks are still here. I have worked all winter long at getting closer shots of these guys. It is obvious that they are used to being hunted. They start swimming away from me before I can even get 50 feet from shore! Every photo I get of them is of their backside. Talk about frustrating! I can’t blame them, though. It is sheer preservation that is driving that behavior.

We are still seeing other winter birds, too. The Goldfinches, Ceedar Waxwings, and Robins are still here. When those birds disappear I know it is full on Springtime. I can’t imagine that Springtime is far away now. Our temps will be in the mid 70’s this week. Call me crazy, but I will be sad to see the cooler days go. The prospect of hot, humid Florida days is not appealing to me. Of course, this year we will be heading out on the road. If we don’t like the weather where we are, we’ll just pull up stakes and go somewhere cooler!

Damselfly 030516

Although I was hoping to find a few dragonflies, I didn’t find any yet. I only found this lone damselfly lady laying eggs at the water’s edge. It looks more like primordial ooze than a lake, though. Yuck! Must be just what the damselfly wanted, though. She was busying herself with her egg laying and completely ignored us.

Zuzu 2 030516

We weren’t the only ones who needed some fresh air. Zuzu enjoyed the walk, too.

sunset on tree 030516

To finish the day, we sat a watched the last rays of the sun paint the bark of the trees. Good evening, Mother Nature. Thank you for another beautiful day.

I’ll have another blog post up by tomorrow evening. That one will be about the process I used to make the women’s wear line way back in the early 90’s.

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